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I walk on all fours. I come in a few different colors. Most of the time I'm black and white, but sometimes I'm brown, cream, and black. Some would say I'm stupid, Some would say I'm smelly, But everybody in history would agree, Well, at least the farmers, That I am key. I can be used for food when I'm dead or alive. What I produce when I'm alive is a common household object and a cookie's best friend. I have udders So when you squeeze them A white liquid comes out; A lot of times it is mistaken for a drink When really it's a food. I naturally grow horns, but farmers usually remove them. The male of my species is well known and swings his horns around. He is in common games that the Spanish consider part of their culture, and he is aggravated by seeing something waved in front of him which is usually red. What am I?

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