Logic Riddle: Three men walk into a hotel. They go to the clerk an…

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Three men walk into a hotel. They go to the clerk an…—Riddle Rating
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Three men walk into a hotel. They go to the clerk and ask for a room for three people. The clerk gives them a room and charges them $30. Each man gives ten dollars to pay the bill. The clerk gives the men the key and they head up to their room. A few hours later the clerk suddenly has a stroke of guilt for how much he charged the men. So he calls an errand boy and gives him five dollars to give to the men. On the way there, the boy wonders how to split the five dollars three ways. Not finding a way he gives one dollar to each man and keeps two for himself. This means that each man paid nine dollars for the room (10-1=9). So they paid $27 for the room (9x3=27). Add the two dollars that the errand boy kept and you get twenty nine dollars. Where is the thirtieth dollar?

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