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When a riddle just won't fit anywhere else, these little orphans comes here to live in our home for miscellaneous riddles. We give them a good home right here.

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In 1209 on a hot summer day, there was a man who was…2012-03-25
Imagine John, a party magician, is carrying three pi…2012-03-25
A man is lying drowned in a dead forest far from wat…2012-03-25
In 1990, a person is 15 years old. In 1995 that same…2012-03-25
In Jamaica, if you drop a steel ball weighing five p…2012-03-25
A woman proves in court that her husband was murdere…2012-03-25
In olden days, you are a clever thief charged with t…2012-03-25
In the back yard there is a hollow stump that contai…2012-03-25
Jack and Joe were on vacation and driving along a de…2012-03-25
Jim was examining an angle measuring 14 and 1/2 degr…2012-03-25
Mary was making apricot jam. She put all the apricot…2012-03-25
Name 3 things that have eyes yet cannot see.2012-03-25
Mr. Whimpy was terrified of the dark. When he went t…2012-03-25
Bricked up room2008-11-05
What insect does a blacksmith manufacture?2008-11-05
What is the noblest musical instrument?2008-11-05
A doctor and a bus driver in love2008-11-05
Talking Parrot2008-11-05
What animal keeps the best time?2008-11-03
Watch in the desert2008-11-03
Bike Spokes2008-11-03
Which Side of a Cat2008-08-10

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