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This is where we store all riddles that are based on words and letters. Get that dictionary warmed up cause you'll likely need it to get through some of these.

Featuring Tons Of Tricky Words and Letters Riddles, Funny Words and Letters Riddles, and Hard Words and Letters Riddles, all for you, all for free. The best part is, all of our riddles have answers!.

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What comes before part b?2012-03-25
What is the last letter of the alphabete?2012-03-25
True or False: ""Was it a cat I saw"" reads th…2012-03-25
If chickens get up when the rooster crows, when do d…2012-03-25
Why do fish have such huge phone bills?2012-03-25
What did the teddy bear say when he was offered dess…2012-03-25
My 14, 12, 4, 13, 2, 11 can be an exploration. My …2012-03-25
A hundred and one by fifty divide, And if a ciph…2012-03-25
Which moves faster: heat or cold?2012-03-25
A man wanted to go into the night club. He went up t…2012-03-25
Clue: 9-letter word, letters 1-4 is a habit, lette…2012-03-25
Which is the coldest letter in the alphabet?2012-03-25
Can you spell eighty in two letters?2012-03-25
Five minus two equals four. How is that possible?2012-03-25
In the valley of the green glass door. There is a po…2012-03-25
One and halfscore, the posts are showing, win, pla…2012-03-25
Where there are two, you see just one. But if ther…2012-03-25
My first's in desk but not in table, My second's i…2012-03-25
Rearrange the letters of the word ""NEW DOOR"" to make…2012-03-25
Whether backwards or forwards I'm read, It matters…2012-03-25
My first is in cat but not in dog; My second is in…2012-03-25
My 2, 3, 6, 12, 5 is weird. My 1, 13, 4, 5, 6 is t…2012-03-25
What was was before was was was?2012-03-25
My first is a verb, a place or a letter My second …2012-03-25

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