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Think you are good with numbers? Try your hand at our collection of math riddles and see for yourself if you can figure them out.

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6 is 3, 3 is 5, 5 is 4, 4 is cosmic why is 4 cosmic?…2012-03-25
What is 4 x 5 x the half of 2 x 50000 x the half of …2012-03-25
You have 20 pairs of black socks and 20 pairs of whi…2012-03-25
A grandmother, an aunt, two mothers, two sisters, th…2012-03-25
There were fifty fox and twenty eight chicken. How m…2012-03-25
When can you add 2 to 11 to get 1?2012-03-25
Use only 8's to make 1000. You can only use addition…2012-03-25
A boy buys a female mouse from the pet store and bri…2012-03-25
What does hEllO times hI equal?2012-03-25
At a garden shop they're selling Magic Grass, a patc…2012-03-25
John is 12 years old, Stacy is 12 years old. After 5…2012-03-25
26 + 78 + 39 = 1,318,311,415 33 + 28 + 49 = 2,612,…2012-03-25
Where did the other dollar go2012-03-24
A large truck is crossing a bridge2008-11-05
I am a three digit number.2008-11-05
Age of father and son2008-11-05
Canaries and cages2008-11-05
If you have three oranges2008-11-05
6 in roman2008-11-05
Train Journey2008-08-10
Four members of a band ...2008-08-10
The Missing Dollar2008-08-10

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