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When a riddle just won't fit anywhere else, these little orphans comes here to live in our home for miscellaneous riddles. We give them a good home right here.

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What were you wearing the day after yesterday?2012-03-25
What reflects like a mirror but can never be seen?2012-03-25
Full of mists and mellow fruitfulness, Close bosom…2012-03-25
What is it, then, at which our heart laughs merrily …2012-03-25
What has roots as nobody sees. Is taller than trees.…2012-03-25
Why couldn't the skeleton cross the road?2012-03-25
If I were to put a coin into a bottle and put a cork…2012-03-25
What is it that everybody does at the same time?2012-03-25
What leaves the mouth resounding fresh, but is not…2012-03-25
Something Franklin had was this Like a sad and con…2012-03-25
Which stone is never found in the sea?2012-03-25
A man with no legs walked to it. A man with no eyes…2012-03-25
A man takes a rocket to the moon. He reaches the moo…2012-03-25
Which bow without arrows is always seen in the sky?2012-03-25
It has arms, It has legs, It has a back; But i…2012-03-25
What has one foot on each side and one in the middle…2012-03-25
What is as big as an elephant, but doesn't weigh a…2012-03-25
What is this word? I am a type of food, but if y…2012-03-25
What did the judge say when the skunk walked into th…2012-03-25
A young girl always follows commands. If a sign sa…2012-03-25
It has stitches, but it is not hurt. It is white, …2012-03-25
If you go in the front door, you are in the back. …2012-03-25
Metal like a fender. Sure to wreck a blender. A …2012-03-25
Why does a teddy bear never eat?2012-03-25
I have wings, A bow and an arrow, I have a wonde…2012-03-25

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