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A million years old2012-07-11
When you squeeze me I cry blood red tears2012-07-11
Six faces I have with 21 eyes, no makeup I wear, don't need a disguise2012-07-11
Two eyes and jaws but no teeth, I eat everything but still no relief2012-07-11
Blown away by a breeze2012-07-10
You can use me or kill me2012-07-10
I sleep at day and shine at night, not small but big with all my might2012-07-10
I am a bean not fat but lean2012-07-10
Always beside you but not after dark2012-07-10
You use it between your head and toes2012-07-10
A hard tongue and speaks but doesn't breathe2012-07-10
A hundred feet in the air but back on the ground2012-07-10
I have six faces and cannot smile, twenty one eyes and cannot see. What am I?2012-03-30
Wet or dry, I will still float2012-03-28
what shrinks as ideas grow? 2012-03-27
Before a certain time, Students are always looking…2012-03-25
A warrior at field, I carry my sword, I prefer o…2012-03-25
Those wooden Birds are now in sight Whose voices r…2012-03-25
I am a pinkish color, and have a roundish shape in…2012-03-25
I can get through a doorway without any key, and s…2012-03-25
When I was young I had a string, and no one would te…2012-03-25
I rise like the sun on a hot summer day. I come in…2012-03-25
One likes to jump, when another can fish. A kind i…2012-03-25
What is the longest and yet shortest thing in the wo…2012-03-25
I'm big, I'm black, I'm white and furry. I never e…2012-03-25

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