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When a riddle just won't fit anywhere else, these little orphans comes here to live in our home for miscellaneous riddles. We give them a good home right here.

Featuring Tons Of Tricky Miscellaneous Riddles, Funny Miscellaneous Riddles, and Hard Miscellaneous Riddles, all for you, all for free. The best part is, all of our riddles have answers!.

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Riddle   Date Added   Rating
A man takes a rocket to the moon. He reaches the moo…2012-03-25
A man with no legs walked to it. A man with no eyes…2012-03-25
Why was the belt arrested?2012-03-25
How do you wake Lady Gaga up?2012-03-25
There is a very very very tall coconut tree, and fiv…2012-03-25
It can be cut and will grow back. Yet when you least…2012-03-25
What did the judge say when the skunk walked into th…2012-03-25
Our dinner guests howl that we're evil When they n…2012-03-25
What turns everything around but does not move?2012-03-25
What were you wearing the day after yesterday?2012-03-25
What reflects like a mirror but can never be seen?2012-03-25
Full of mists and mellow fruitfulness, Close bosom…2012-03-25
A man starts at his house to run three miles. He run…2012-03-25
How does Santa scratch an itch?2012-03-25
I love to eat peanuts, Or so the books say. I am…2012-03-25
The place I am going to, I will have to walk The p…2012-03-25
What leaves the mouth resounding fresh, but is not…2012-03-25
A young girl always follows commands. If a sign sa…2012-03-25
It has stitches, but it is not hurt. It is white, …2012-03-25
If you go in the front door, you are in the back. …2012-03-25
Metal like a fender. Sure to wreck a blender. A …2012-03-25
Why does a teddy bear never eat?2012-03-25
I have wings, A bow and an arrow, I have a wonde…2012-03-25
Which stone is never found in the sea?2012-03-25
Something Franklin had was this Like a sad and con…2012-03-25

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