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Riddle   Date Added   Rating
my first joke2017-11-20
it will swallow u2017-04-16
No matter what, it's always going up2016-11-05
2 Mothers 2 Daughters 1 Grandmother and 1 Granddaughter2016-09-12
Easy, For some people!2016-05-17
What day of the week is the best for having fried foods2013-01-17
The difference between the Earth and Mars2013-01-07
Why did the kid avoid the cemetery2012-04-03
What is a turtle's favorite thing to wear2012-03-31
Where do explorers go to play2012-03-31
Why did the bacon laugh2012-03-31
What is the most adorable vegetable2012-03-31
What can you put in a barrel to make it lighter2012-03-31
Why did the farmer cross the road2012-03-31
What did the wheels on the car say after a long journey2012-03-31
What do you get if you cross a mummy with a CD2012-03-31
What is a cow's favorite painting2012-03-31
Why don't banana's snore2012-03-31
What kind of bug can you throw2012-03-31
What is a soda's favorite subject2012-03-31
What do snakes use for flooring2012-03-31
How do you make an egg roll2012-03-31
What did the digital clock say to the grandfather clock2012-03-31
What has fingers but no bones2012-03-31
What subject do owls like to study2012-03-31

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