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Riddle   Date Added   Rating
What is yours but others use it more than you2017-11-21
The Turtle and the Snail2016-09-14
Keeps time2016-05-18
The film2015-03-25
What kind of dog has no tail2013-01-17
What did the tree say to the woodpecker2012-04-03
What did the fly say to the flypaper2012-04-03
What did the bee say to the flower2012-04-03
What do you get if you cross an insect and a rabbit2012-04-03
What is a ducks favorite ballet2012-03-31
What do polar bears wear on their head2012-03-31
Which animals are the coldest2012-03-31
What insect gets A's in English2012-03-29
What animal makes the most of its food2012-03-29
Where do frogs sit?2012-03-27
The Secret Pig2012-03-27

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