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Riddle   Date Added   Rating
Wife Dies Because of Power Line2014-05-02
3 Hours from Montana to Florida2014-05-02
A box without hinges or a lid2013-07-13
What goes up but never comes down2013-01-29
When is a blue book not a blue book2013-01-22
What kind of cake do small boys dislike2013-01-17
I begin with T and end with T2013-01-17
What has a bottom on top of them2013-01-17
What day of the week is the best for having fried foods2013-01-17
What keys won't open doors?2013-01-17
What kind of dog has no tail2013-01-17
Weight in my belly; trees on my back;2013-01-17
The difference between the Earth and Mars2013-01-07
guess me2012-08-01
Even when you give me away2012-07-13

Top 10 Tricky Riddles, Jokes & Brain Teasers

Riddle   Date Added   Rating
How does Santa scratch an itch?2012-03-25
Wood, wire, iron or stone Inside of me are treasur…2012-03-25
What does hEllO times hI equal?2012-03-25
I am very small, but I pack a punch. You can use…2012-03-25
I am short and tall. I am thin and thick. Lots of pe…2012-03-25
In the wind I sway But not all of me Sometimes I…2012-03-25
Two BFFs were going to enter a clubhouse. But there …2012-03-25
One tooth to bite, he's the forests foe. One too…2012-03-25
One by one we fall from heaven, down into the dept…2012-03-25
Look in my face and I am everybody. Scratch my bac…2012-03-25

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