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Riddle   Date Added   Rating
What is yours but others use it more than you2017-11-21
my first joke2017-11-20
how many are we?2017-11-06
it will swallow u2017-04-16
get dirty to clean2017-04-12
No matter what, it's always going up2016-11-05
what can stay in a corner2016-09-18
The Turtle and the Snail2016-09-14
2 Mothers 2 Daughters 1 Grandmother and 1 Granddaughter2016-09-12
To Die With No Life2016-08-17
What begins with the letter "g"2016-07-26
never goes down2016-05-18
not all people have it2016-05-18
Keeps time2016-05-18

Top 10 Tricky Riddles, Jokes & Brain Teasers

Riddle   Date Added   Rating
Historic pinewoods and gardens surround me, and I …2012-03-25
I am short and tall. I am thin and thick. Lots of pe…2012-03-25
The following sentence is false.2008-11-05
Only one color, but not one size,2008-08-10
Explain how the tractor got there?2008-08-10
Wood, wire, iron or stone Inside of me are treasur…2012-03-25
At night we fly, You better run. These winged cr…2012-03-25
Where there are two, you see just one. But if ther…2012-03-25
One village on Fire, Smoke in another, One villa…2012-03-25
Bricked up room2008-11-05

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